Trillions of watts, zero emissions

Wind power is a key climate solution. As a large-scale and mature clean energy technology, it holds the most decarbonisation potential of any renewable energy and is already being deployed affordably across the world to address the climate emergency.

Did you know?

The 743 GW of wind power installed globally today helps avoid over 1.1 billion tonnes of CO2 globally – equivalent to the annual carbon emissions of South America.

743 GW

Wind power installed globally


Billion tonnes of CO2 avoided globally

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Wind is already a mainstream energy source and is cost-competitive with fossil fuels in many countries across the world. As an unlimited, indigenous resource with high capacity factors, wind power can displace fossil fuels and make energy systems more resilient. As turbines get bigger and more efficient, this will further propel wind’s potential to power our world carbon-free and affordably.  

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